Episode 24 – Elemex Sample Program

Whether you are an Architect or a Designer, we can help get you and your client a variety of samples.

First off, we have our small mock up panels which is a scaled down representation of our Unity® system. First, we offer it in different materials such as Ceramitex®, Alumitex® Plate and a mixed board.

It’s showing off that our attachment system, regardless of the materials on the front, is exactly the same for each product. With the plexi backing, it gives you the ability to see behind the system and see the attachment clips.

For Ceramitex, we offer small samples of the face material to help with color selection. We also have full color charts available so you can select the colors that will work best for your projects.

Sometimes you may need a larger sample for product approval and we can work with you to arrange those as well.

A color chart is available for our Alumitex ACM samples to assist you in narrowing down your search prior to sending hard samples. Our Alumitex Plate, since it is a post painted product, is supplied in a Silver (2 coat – Mica) but we will provide paint chips for the color you are looking for.

Also available is our Stonitex samples which are small pieces of natural granite.

Don’t forget we have a full library of brochures, and spec sheets, etc. for all our products in digital and print versions.

We can ship directly to you or the client – whatever works best for you.

You can see our full range of colors and products on the website at Elemex.com