Episode 23 – More New 2020 Colors for Ceramitex

Earlier this year we looked at some new color releases for Ceramitex. We are excited to share with you that our collection is continuously growing and today we are going to look at new color’s that have just been released.

New to our 8mm Ceramitex collection are: Bromo, Kreta, Milar, Sasea, Uyuni and Vera. With veining and a cement background, Vera is a fusion between natural and industrial, highlighting the most elegant elements of both.

New to our 6mm collection are: Summer Dala, Winter Dala, Amazonico, Abu Dhabi White, Layla, and Himalaya Crystal. Dala comes in two styles, Summer and Winter. One representing freshly cut timber, the other a weathered dramatic look of the trees on a windswept coast.

All of these visually captivating colors are available for your next facade project so please reach out to us today and we would be happy to send you samples. Check out the full collection of Ceramitex colors.