Episode 25 – Case Study of EllisDon London Office

Harness the power of the sun! Today we are on site at EllisDon, a major contractor’s local office to introduce you to Solstex – Solar Facade System. As you know, Solstex is a revolutionary facade system that enables designers and architects to incorporate lightweight, large-format photovoltaic panels into a building’s facade instead of on its roof. The best part is Solar panels are ideal for both new construction and retrofits. What I love most is that the surface, which resembles black glass, is ideal in combination with other surfaces such as Aluminum Plate, ACM, sintered ceramic, and natural stone. Along with Stonitex natural granite, Solstex was selected on this project to highlight the capability and ingenuity of the façade company. Solstex is a renewable energy product offering that generates clean energy for use within any building.

This project utilizes thin-film CdTe solar technology to generate electricity from solar irradiance. Over 1200 sq. ft. of Solstex was installed, representing a DC wattage of 18.4 kilowatts. The AC output of the project is 15 kilowatts. Fun fact! In its first year, this facade will generate approximately 17,500 kilowatt-hours, enough to power 100 60 watt light bulbs for a full year. This visually stunning product allows you to receive the energy benefits from the PV as well as the discount on the cost of the system against traditional cladding materials. That brings us to how along with the financial benefits of Solstex come the environmental benefits. Photovoltaics generate clean energy which reduce carbon emissions when compared to oil-based energy sources. This can be measured in a variety of ways, primarily either by the weight of the CO2 displaced or the equivalent trees that would need to be planted to have the same carbon displacement. This project displaces 8.75 tons of carbon in its first year, which is equivalent to planting a whopping 225 medium growth coniferous trees. This means that over the lifetime of the project (25 years), almost 200 tons of carbon will be displaced. Solstex by Elemex is a product that promotes corporate responsibility and sustainable building design. Thank you so much for joining us on site today!