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When you choose Enviroclip®, you’re choosing more than a composite thermal clip that delivers high performance, significant cost savings and unmatched flexibility. You’re choosing an NFPA 285 compliant, sustainable thermal barrier developed by the industry experts at Elemex.

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Best of Both Worlds

Get the best of both worlds with the Enviroclip® thermal barrier: an economical, sustainable thermal clip with the strength, dependability and versatility you need.
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Heat Loss Reduction

Improved thermal performance of the exterior envelope reduces heat loss, saving you money and energy

Cost Savings

Designed to outperform comparable thermal clip systems with up to 50% in cost savings
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Natural, recyclable and renewable cork acts as a dual thermal barrier

Galvanized Steel

Reusable, brake-formed 16GA galvanized steel ensures long-lasting strength and durability

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With Enviroclip®, your next project will be built smarter—smarter for the environment and smarter for your bottom line.