Unity Commercial Building Facade Panel System

Proprietary Attachment Technology

Our proprietary Unity® integrated attachment technology is engineered to work with all of Elemex’s exterior cladding surfaces to create all-in-one superior facade systems. The Unity® technology allows for seamless integration of a variety of facade panels on the same attachment platform, giving you multi-panel design freedom.

Unity® supports both simple and elaborate projects; from flat panels to more complex, daring shapes. Engineered for complete architectural design control, Unity® brings it all together.

Features & Benefits

Unity, Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration of Panel Systems

Only Elemex gives you Unity®. Our proprietary attachment technology allows you to seamlessly integrate our panel systems.

Unity, Ease of Installation Green
Ease of Installation

Each of our facade systems follows the same installation method giving our certified network the ability to efficiently and effectively install our systems on site.

Unity, Flexibility
Design Flexibility

A variety of materials, colors, textures, and sizes can be panelized on our proprietary Unity® attachment technology so you can create and design with confidence.

Unity, Performance
Proven Performance

Our facade systems are North American compliant. Elemex has a 50+ year history in the building materials and facades industry with a proven track record of performance.

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Where proven engineering provides design flexibility and instills confidence. Unity® brings it all together. Unity® is our proprietary integrated attachment technology that transforms panels into proven facade systems. Unity® is the foundation for a new standard of rainscreen solutions in North America.