What is a rainscreen system?

A rainscreen system is an exterior wall detail where the cladding stands off from the water barrier to create a capillary break that allows drainage and evaporation. Without a rainscreen, water damage to your building from rain and snow is more likely. Rainscreen systems are energy efficient, versatile, cost-effective and improve the lifespan of a building’s exterior wall system.

Rainscreens are made with a variety of surface materials, including aluminum, sintered ceramic, solar and natural stone, and can be added to a building’s exterior both during new construction and as part of a renovation or rebuild.

Types of Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Drained and Back-ventilated Rainscreens

An open-joint system that allows you to see between the panels and the cavity of the wall system, exposing insulation and the air/vapor barrier to the elements and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. This is traditionally a vertical framed system.

Pressure-equalized Rainscreens

A closed-joint system using infill strips that act as air dams in both vertical and horizontal joints. Pressure equalization (PE) reduces the pressure difference across the cladding using compartmentalization and back venting, keeping rain and snow from being driven into the wall cavity. This system can be installed with vertical or horizontal framing.

The Elemex Advantage

Each of Elemex’s code-compliant architectural facade systems – Solstex® - Solar Facade System, Ceramitex® - Sintered Ceramic Facade System, Alumitex® - Aluminum Facade System and Stonitex® - Natural Stone Facade System – are equipped with our pressure-equalized rainscreen system (PERS), which breathes freely and allows panels to repel water and debris.

Bring It All Together with Unity®

Thanks to our innovative Unity® proprietary attachment technology, Elemex® rainscreen systems are easy to install and feature limitless design flexibility. Plus, the 360° Advantage provides unmatched service and support for all projects from beginning to end.
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