Episode 39 – Solstex – New Colors

We are pleased to announce that Elemex has added new color options to our Solstex® – Solar Facade System. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) replace other building materials for those who value green energy. These 10 new colors allow architects to expand their design options while still focusing on environmentally friendly choices.

You can choose colors that complement the surroundings, use multiple colors on the same building as a design element, cover the entire facade, or use as an accent.

Unity®, our proprietary attachment technology, allows for seamless integration with other Elemex products including: Ceramitex, Alumitex (ACM and Plate), and Stonitex – Natural Stone, giving you more design flexibility. Unity is where function and design come together.

Our Unity technology gives you the ability to add the modules to the building as part of a complete rainscreen system.

In a world where reducing our collective carbon footprint is as important as ever, utilizing renewable energy in the design of buildings is a key strategy.

To find out more about the new color options and how you may integrate this technology into your next project, contact one of our sales representatives today, or visit our website at elemex.com.