Episode 38 – Enviroclip

The Elemex® Enviroclip® is a composite thermal clip system used to attach exterior cladding systems for wall assemblies with exterior insulation. It has been used extensively with Elemex products to bridge the gap between building substrate and cladding system.

The Enviroclip is comprised of brake formed 16GA galvanized steel, with a 1/8” thick cork thermal separation layer on two faces. The cork acts as a dual thermal break. The first thermal break occurs between the building substrate and the Enviroclip. The second thermal break occurs between the Enviroclip and a continuous L-angle. The dimensions, spacing, number and type of fasteners for the Enviroclip are determined by local engineering authorities to support loads of each cladding assembly.

To use the Enviroclip, the first decision that must be made is the direction of the framing. There are two options: vertical, and horizontal. Enviroclips can be installed on a variety of substrates, but keep in mind stud spacing when attaching to a stud wall. Once the direction of framing is chosen, the next step is to install the Enviroclips to the building using substrate appropriate anchors. From there, adjustable L-angles are installed in a manner that they span the gaps between each Enviroclip. The L-angles are attached to the Enviroclips via stainless steel TEK screws. The implementation of stainless steel screws connecting the clips and continuous steel angles is also helpful in limiting the heat loss through the system. Once the L-angles are installed, you are ready to begin panel installation. Attaching the exterior cladding to the L-angles transfers the cladding load to the Enviroclips, which, in turn, transfers the load of the system directly to the building’s sub structure.

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