What is Sintered Ceramic? – Episode 1

What is Sintered Ceramic?

Sintered ceramic, or sintered stone, is man-made stone that’s formed by grinding natural materials such as silica, quartz, feldspars, clay and mineral pigments down to small particles that are compacted using heat and pressure without melting to the point of liquefaction to form one solid slab. In addition to sintered stone and man-made stone, sintered ceramic is also referred to as artificial stone or ultra-compact surface.

Simply put, the process of creating sintered ceramic is an accelerated version of what happens in nature over millions of years to create natural stone.

The mix of powdered or sand materials determines strength, hardness, chemical stability and workability. The ingredients are processed under extreme heat and a pressure of more than the weight of the Eiffel Tower. The solid slab is fired in the kiln at 1200°C to dry out, and in doing so is baked and the particles are fused together. 

As a result of being made from natural materials, the slab is resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Additionally, because it’s put under such pressure and heat, sintered ceramic is also highly resistant to scratching, extreme temperatures, water and stains.

That’s what makes Ceramitex a sintered ceramic facade system that simply outperforms. Meeting or exceeding industry code standards throughout North America, the Ceramitex system is made up of large-format, ultra-strong cladding panels that are lightweight  

and highly durable; they’re water and graffiti proof while also being resistant to extreme weather and temperatures, scratches and high-traffic abrasion.

The Sun Trust Bank building in Cocoa, Fla., shows off the large Ceramitex facade panels in a high-traffic area where durability is important.


But durability is just part of what makes Ceramitex the perfect sintered ceramic panel facade system for your next project. Thanks to Elemex’s innovative Unity integrated attachment technology, Ceramitex is easy to install and can be fabricated to an architect’s exacting specifications for limitless design flexibility. Elemex’s sintered ceramic facade cladding comes in a variety of colors and finishes, plus the system allows the ability to create large, mitered returns that give a striking dimensional appearance to any returning edge, a unique feature of Ceramitex.

Ceramitex on Unity system allows for complex miteres on Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa
The Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Ont., pictured above, displays the versatility of Ceramitex and its unique large mitered corners.


Ceramitex sintered ceramic facade systems, and all Elemex architectural facade systems, are supported by the 360° Advantage, which guarantees that Elemex will be there to support you through the entirety of your project – from concept to completion.

To find out more about Ceramitex sintered ceramic facade system, you can check out elemex.com or contact us at info@elemex.com.


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