Episode 9 – Solstex – Solar Facade

Solstex – Solar Facade System

In a world where reducing our collective carbon footprint is as important as ever, utilizing renewable energy in the design of buildings is a key strategy for architects and the companies they work for.

That’s where Elemex’s revolutionary solar facade system, Solstex, comes in. Solstex is a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) facade system that enables designers and architects to incorporate lightweight, large-format photovoltaic panels into a building’s facade.

So, what are building-integrated photovoltaic panels? BIPV panels harness the sun’s rays to create solar power and, as the name aptly indicates, can be integrated into a building’s facade or roof. The solar cladding is attached to the building’s structure and can be part of the initial construction process or added to the exterior of an existing building as part of a renovation. The use of BIPV panels is eco-efficient and offers exciting design possibilities for the architectural industry. 

That design flexibility is increased to unparalleled levels with the Solstex BIPV facade system thanks to Elemex’s proprietary Unity integrated attachment technology. Unity allows for Solstex to be seamlessly integrated with different Elemex facade systems, including Ceramitex – Sintered Ceramic Facade System, Alumitex – Aluminum Facade System and Stonitex – Natural Stone Facade System. The innovative Unity integration technology gives architects all the benefits of easy-to-install commercial solar panels with the added bonus of complete design control and unlimited potential. And, new for 2022, Solstex is now available in 10 additional color options to open the door for even more design possibilities.

Exterior Paneling for EllisDon Head Office in London - full wall
The EllisDon offices in London, Ont., which were reclad using Solstex, Alumitex and Stonitex.


Solstex leverages high-efficiency, weather-resistant BIPV panels that not only reduce your building’s carbon footprint, but also generate LEED credits and savings that cover the cost of installation within 10-12 years.

Those are just some of the benefits of using Elemex’s Solstex solar facade system for your next project. When you use Solstex on your building, it will:

  • reduce your building’s dependence on fossil fuels
  • generate up to 17.6 watts per square foot
  • earn up to five LEED credits
  • cover the cost of installation in 10-12 years
  • exceed IEC standards in high temperature, high humidity and extreme weather

Solstex also includes a rear-ventilated rainscreen (RVR) system that breathes freely and allows the panels to repel water and debris. The rainscreen is pressure-equalized, meaning the pressure difference is reduced across the solar cladding through the use of compartmentalization and back venting.

With Solstex, your building will be uniquely designed to use the power of the sun and the solar panels are backed by the Elemex 360° Advantage, which provides unparalleled service and support from the conception of a project to its completion.  

For more information about the revolutionary Solstex solar facade system by Elemex, you can check out elemex.com or contact us at info@elemex.com.

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