Episode 9 – Solstex – Solar Facade

Solstex by Elemex is a revolutionary facade system that enables designers and architects to incorporate lightweight, large-format photovoltaic panels into a building’s facade instead of on its roof. This unparalleled design flexibility is enhanced by the ability to be seamlessly integrated with the various Elemex facade systems including: Ceramitex – Sintered Ceramic, Alumitex (Plate or ACM) and Stonitex – Natural Stone.

Solstex leverages high-efficiency, weather-resistant photovoltaic panels that not only reduce your building’s carbon footprint, but also generate LEED credits and savings that cover the cost of installation within 10-12 years.

Solstex – Solar Facade System

  • reduces your building’s dependence on fossil fuels
  • generates up to 16.9 W/sq. ft.
  • earns up to five LEED credits
  • covers the cost of installation in 10-12 years
  • exceeds IEC standards in high temperature, high humidity, and extreme weather

With Solstex, your building will be uniquely designed to harness the power of the sun.

If you would like more information about our Solstex – Solar Facade System – you can check out the website at elemex.com or contact us at info@elemex.com.