Episode 10 – High-Traffic Areas

Exterior Cladding for Transit, High-traffic Areas

The requirements of a facade for a building project in a transit or high-traffic area can be complex. Not only does the building envelope need to be aesthetically pleasing in both design and finish, but it needs to be extremely durable. The exterior wall assembly for buildings in transit and high-traffic areas must be able to withstand the harshest elements as well as the ever-changing variables that come with being in a busy environment.

If you’re worried about protecting the exterior cladding for a project in a high-traffic area like an airport, bus terminal, train station or busy downtown corner, Ceramitex sintered ceramic panels are ideal. This facade system’s sintered ceramic surface is non-porous, unlike many other masonry materials. Ceramitex is made from natural materials, meaning the color is 100% natural and UV resistant so it doesn’t deteriorate due to exposure to the sun or extreme temperatures.

The Ceramitex – Sintered Ceramic Facade System uses a pressure-equalized rainscreen system for enhanced protection from the weather. The Elemex rear-ventilated rainscreen (RVR) system breathes freely and allows the panels to repel water and debris while the pressure-equalized system allows moisture to escape.

Easy to maintain and impervious to chemicals, Ceramitex – Sintered Ceramic Facade System is also the perfect solution to the problem of preserving your building’s exterior walls in areas where they’re more likely to be vandalized or impacted by the presence of heavy foot traffic. Ceramitex is extremely durable; it’s impact, scratch and fire resistant as well as graffiti-proof, offering the added protection you need for peace of mind at street level on your transit or high-traffic area project.

State and Huron in Chicago, Ill., features Ceramitex – Sintered Ceramic Facade System on a high-traffic downtown corner.


The value of Ceramitex goes beyond unmatched durability. The North American code-compliant sintered ceramic cladding comes in a wide range of colors and textures that open a world of design possibilities, plus the entire system is backed by the Elemex 360° Advantage to ensure your project is fully serviced and supported from start to finish.

The design flexibility doesn’t end with Ceramitex, however. Does your project require more than one type of facade panel such as aluminum plate or ACM in the design? Our Unity attachment technology allows for seamless integration of a variety of facade panels on the same attachment platform, giving you multi-panel design freedom. Unity brings it all together.

To learn more about why Elemex has the best cladding choice for your transit and high-traffic areas, check out elemex.com or contact us at info@elemex.com.


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