Episode 10 – High-Traffic Areas

Transit and High-Traffic Areas

Are you worried about protecting the exterior cladding for a project in a high traffic area? Whether you’re talking about an airport, a bus terminal, a train station or a busy downtown corner, Ceramitex® – Sintered Ceramic panels are ideal in high traffic areas as the sintered ceramic, unlike many other masonry materials, is non-porous. Ceramitex is made from natural materials and is UV resistant; it repels water and dirt, is easy to maintain and impervious to chemicals.

Ceramitex® panels are impact and scratch resistant, offering that added protection at street level on your transit or high traffic area project. Does your project require more than one type of facade panel such as Aluminum Plate or ACM in the design? Our Unity® attachment technology allows for seamless integration of a variety of facade panels on the same attachment platform, giving you multi-panel design freedom.

To learn more about why Elemex has the best cladding choice for your transit and high-traffic areas, check out our website today at www.elemex.com