Episode 35 – Solar Analysis for Solstex Solar Facade

If you are interested in implementing our Solstex® Solar Facade System, contact our team and we will be happy to prepare a proposal for your project. The proposal is designed to help you decide if Solstex is right for you.

General electrical and attachment details are provided to clarify how Solstex would be integrated into your project and a visual representation of Solstex will be applied on your building. Electrical generation estimates will be provided to give you an idea of how much power the system can generate every year for the life of the system (25 years).

The electrical generation estimates will take into consideration the:
– project location
– direction of the wall
– panel type installed
Estimates are generated for each month of a single year to illustrate how the changing seasons will impact electrical generation. If provided with additional details, a shading analysis will also be conducted, which provides a shading estimate on your building throughout the year. The results of the shading study will provide us with an estimated solar irradiance value across the surfaces of your building over the course of a year.

Financial modeling shows when an ROI is achieved, and potential profits made by net metering. Using the generation estimates, the cost of solar power per KWh can be obtained.

Generating your own energy means locking in a fixed energy price over the life of the system, compared to the current and often increasing cost of electricity. Government programs are often in place to help people like yourself make an investment in green energy and we try to include potential incentives you might qualify for as well. United States and Canada

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