Episode 32 – Canopies and Entrances

Hello and welcome to today’s episode where we will be discussing Canopies and Entrances.

So what is a Canopy exactly?  A canopy is an overhead roof structure that has open sides. Canopies are typically intended to provide shelter from the rain or sun, but also may be used for decorative purposes, or to give emphasis to a route or part of a building whereas a building’s entranceway is the threshold between the interior and exterior of a building. It contributes to the overall identity of the development and plays an important role in the impression and experience formed by visitors.

What types of Material can be used on these features?

First, and the most common material used is ACM. The advantage of using aluminum composites derives from their unique lightweight, yet rigid construction, with endless design options. From basic squares and rectangular designs to complex, and curved shapes – ACM will add elegance and appeal to your canopies and entryways.

A close second for Elemex is Ceramitex – our Sintered Ceramic product. Ceramitex is a non-porous product which means it will not absorb any liquid or chemicals. It is also not prone to etching or weathering. This gives Ceramitex an advantage as it is not only weather resistant but also graffiti resistant, outlasting the natural products and composites. This makes Ceramitex perfect for public entrances as you can have a durable product that looks good and is easy to maintain without having to worry about damage.

A third product that is becoming more popular for canopies is Alumitex Plate; our Aluminum Plate System. This is due to solid plate being highly resistant to incidental dents and punctures but also due to its non-combustibility. Lastly, it’s virtually limitless colors and finish options help you display your brands image.

So regardless of the material you choose, our UNITY integrated attachment technology is engineered to work with all of Elemex’s exterior cladding surfaces to create all-in-one superior facade systems. The UNITY technology allows for seamless integration of a variety of facade panels on the same attachment platform, giving you multi-panel design freedom.

So next time you’re thinking about canopies or entrances for your next project, think about using Elemex products for a superior product and expert support to help you bring your designs to life.