Episode 29 – Limestone Comparison

In today’s episode we will be discussing Ceramitex®, our sintered ceramic cladding vs limestone cladding.

Ceramitex has many benefits over limestone panels in performance and installation.

First we are going to talk about the performance advantages.

Ceramitex is a non-porous product which means it will not absorb any liquid or chemicals. It is also not prone to etching or weathering. Natural limestone, on the other hand, is traditionally a porous material, which can lead to efflorescence and material failures due to freeze/thaw cycles. This gives Ceramitex a massive benefit as we are not only weather resistant but also graffiti resistant, outlasting the natural products.

Slab sizes for Ceramitex come in at an astounding 4’x12’ and 5’x10’6” while maintaining a ¼” thickness, and a total system weight of 4lbs/SF.

Install for limestone systems have a few different ways.

  • Handset cladding
  • Direct Bond
  • Rainscreen application

Ceramitex install is fast and efficient and our panels are coming prefabricated to your specifications and show up on site ready to install. We use a concealed attachment clip system that sets our joint spacing automatically and consistently with a crisp 1/2” joint, while concealing any fasteners or insulation through the joints.

The best feature of all is that with Ceramitex we use our miter corners to a max of 2’, so we can have returns into the head/jam and sills of windows and doors! We can also miter outside corners, parapets and soffits.

Ceramitex has a large range of colors and finishes with new designs every year, including a number of colors comparable to natural limestone.

So next time you’re thinking about limestone, think about Ceramitex instead for better performance and longevity!