Episode 30 – 80 Atlantic Avenue in Toronto – Case Study

80 Atlantic Avenue in Toronto uses 19,455 sq ft. of Ceramitex – Sintered Ceramic Facade System as well as 3,000 sq. ft. of Alumitex Plate by Elemex. The 5-storey office building, located in Toronto’s Liberty Village (a former manufacturing district) was designed by BDP Quadrangle and constructed by Eastern Construction Company.

This mass timber project is leading a resurgence of using wood for construction (using new methods) and is being recognized as a means of offsetting more greenhouse gases and sequestering carbon. A building of this height is required to have a non-combustible exterior wall assembly, and both of these products are compliant.

The South-facing glass side of the building, overlooks a shared courtyard and the remaining 3 sides are covered with Ceramitex, a durable pressure-equalized rainscreen system that blends with the desired feel for the neighborhood. The building is designed to be a contemporary remake of historic brick-and-beam warehouses and to replicate the transition to the century-old loft and studio style. The punched window design, as well as the buff-colored surface, is a modern take on the old style within a new structure.

You can see where Ceramitex was used for soffits in some areas and aluminum plate that matched it in others. Aluminum plate in graphite grey was used on the West-facing entrance and towards the back end of the building. You can see that here in the alley on the North side which also includes an art installation at ground level.

The sloped mitered sills were angled for the punched windows and a knife-edged jamb was designed to transition to the Southern curtainwall. Oversized multi-faceted corner panels were produced to maintain the design where the punched windows wrap around the North elevation.

If you are considering using the durable and versatile Ceramitex for your next project, check out more examples on the website at Elemex.com or contact us today for more information.

80 Atlantic project page: https://elemex.com/projects/80-atlantic-toronto-ontario/