Episode 13 – 2020 Colors

New 2020 Ceramitex® Colors

Moving forward into this new decade, we thought we would share with you the newest colors available for Ceramitex. New to our 8mm Ceramitex collection, we are excited to introduce Baltic, Feroe, Liquid Sky, Liquid Embers, Liquid Shell, Helena, Khalo, Laurent and Rem. These gorgeous colors were inspired by the latest trends in design, are aesthetically innovative, and touch on the future of global trends. A variety of finishes are available, including velvet, polished, matte and ultramatte.

With a look inspired by Italian Carrara Marble, our new 6mm Ceramitex in Calacatta Luxe offers bold veining in dark gray, blue, brown and gold on a bright white background. Also joining our 6mm collection is Just White, offering a classic, clean and pure look. So, whether your next project design is modern, traditional or sophisticated, we can achieve your vision. If you’re interested in seeing our full color availability or you’d like samples, please reach out to us at info@elemex.com