Episode 14 – UNITY® Proprietary Attachment Technology

Today we will be talking about UNITY® our proprietary attachment technology. Unity is engineered to work with all Elemex exterior cladding surfaces to create all-in-one facade system.

Some of the features and benefits of Unity are:

  • Seamless Integration – The Unity technology allows for seamless integration of a variety of facade panels on the same attachment platform, giving you multi-panel design freedom.
  • Ease of Installation – Each of our facade systems follows the same installation method giving installers the ability to efficiently install our systems on site.
  • Design Flexibility – Unity supports both simple and elaborate projects; from flat panels to complex shapes and sizes. Engineered for complete architectural design control.
  • Proven Performance – Elemex has a 50+ year history in the facades industry and all our facade systems are North American code compliant.

The Unity® Attachment System can be used the following products:
Alumitex® ACM, Alumitex® Plate, Ceramitex®, Solstex , Stonitex®

If you have any questions regarding Unity and wish to speak to one of our experts, please contact us at info@elemex.com or visit us at elemex.com