Episode 21 – Interview with Dan Boyd

Mallory: Today we are sitting down with Dan Boyd, General Manager & Vice President, to learn more about his role here at Elemex. Thank you for joining us today Dan.

Dan: Thank you – thanks for having me.

Mallory: Please explain in your own words what you do here at Elemex.

Dan: Yes, I am the Vice President and General Manager at Elemex and I oversee the operations of this company. We supply exterior wall products all over North America and we go from the sales, estimating, design, to delivery of panels on site.

Mallory: Perfect. How long have you been with the company?

Dan: Seventeen years now.

Mallory: Amazing! What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

Dan: I think just seeing the projects that are being erected and seeing the final photos of these projects. And getting a sense of the good feeling you see with these projects going up. And just enjoying the day to day operations with the employees.

Mallory: What does a typical day for you look like?

Dan: I have a lot of standup meetings just to make sure the operations and everything is just going well. We go through each one of the projects, pretty much on a daily basis just to make sure everything is going fine. And then if there are any issues, then I sometimes I have to deal with it – depending on, you know, the size of the issue or whatever. So, basically just overseeing everything, making sure everything is going properly.

Mallory: Do you have a favorite project or building that you have worked on?

Dan: Yes I do. I would say that the CSTM project in Ottawa would be the biggest and best project that I have ever been involved with. It is over 120,000 sq ft of exterior wall. So, I was involved in that and enjoyed every minute of that.

Mallory: Beautiful. What would be three words you would use to describe your role?

Dan: Rewarding, tough and satisfying.

Mallory: Awesome. What is your biggest achievement to date – Personal or professional?

Dan: I think maybe growing the company would be my business achievement. When I first started here 17 years ago – there were 4 of us. And now I am up to 40 plus. So I think that is my biggest achievement is growing the company over the last so many years and enjoying every part of that.

Mallory: What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Dan: Play a lot of sports. Golf, hockey and, you know, I work out a few times a week. And that is basically what I do.

Mallory: Well, thanks for your time today Dan – and thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!