Solstex Receives “Best Architectural Products of 2020” Award



Solstex – Solar Facade System has earned a Best Building Envelope Products of 2020 award with Architectural Record.

This solar facade system allows architects to incorporate lightweight, large-format photovoltaic panels into a building’s facade instead of putting them on its roof. The PV panels consist of thin-film CdTe technology encapsulated between two sheets of heat-strengthened glass. Solstex reduces a building’s carbon footprint and guarantees LEED credits and savings.

Composition + Materials

Solstex Solar Panels consist of thin-film CdTe technology encapsulated between 2 sheets of heat-strengthened glass, adhered to our proprietary Unity® attachment technology.

Sizing + Details

Solstex 2000 – 47” x 78.5” (1200mm x 2000mm)
Solstex 1200 – 23.5” x 47.5” (600mm x 1200mm)


Solstex 2000 – 420-450 W
Solstex 1200 – 110-122.5 W

Architectural Record - 2020 Winner emblem

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