New Product – Solstex® Solar Facade System

Launching TODAY! Our newest product – Solstex® – Solar Facade System.

Solstex solar facade system image

Solstex® by Elemex® is a revolutionary facade system that enables designers and architects to incorporate lightweight, large-format photovoltaic panels into a building’s facade instead of on its roof. This unparalleled design flexibility is enhanced by Solstex’s® ability to be seamlessly integrated with Elemex’s® family of facade systems. Solstex® leverages high-efficiency, weather-resistant photovoltaic panels that not only reduce your building’s carbon footprint, but also generate LEED credits and savings that cover the cost of installation within 10-12 years. With Solstex®, your building will be uniquely designed to harness the power of the sun.

Check out the Solstex® web page for more info.

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