Aluminum Plate

A high strength, low weight aluminum alloy sheet that is durable and has excellent formability. Solid aluminum plate panels are non-combustible and therefore have no installation limitations.

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Features &

Climate Defiant

Resistant to expansion and contraction in high temperature or freezing conditions.

UV Resistant

Color is resistant to fading from exposure to the sun or extreme temperatures.


Weatherproof panels combined with a patented pressure-equalized rainscreen system provide the ultimate weather barrier.

Endless Versatility

Extremely durable. Aluminum plate offers the opportunity to create square, crisp lined and compound curves.

Completely Customizable

Aluminum plate is post-painted which allows an endless possibility of color choices

The Complete System

Alumitex™ Installation Video

Alumitex™ stand-alone facade system offers maximum design potential without compromising aesthetics or durability. Alumitex™ adds bold curves, crisp lines and a lasting appearance to your exterior.

Our proprietary Unity® integrated attachment technology is engineered to work with all of the Elemex® exterior cladding surfaces.

Our 360° Advantage removes project complexity and connects stakeholders making your overall project experience efficient and rewarding.

Products: Alumitex™; Ceramitex®
Industry: Commercial
Square Footage: 14,808 sq.ft. Ceramitex®, 4,770 sq.ft. Alumitex™ - Plate, 3,740 sq.ft. Siding
Architect: Raw Design / Page+Steele
Year Built: 2018

Products: Alumitex™
Industry: Residential
Square Footage: Alumitex™ Plate 42,000 sq.ft., Fibre Cement 9,1000 sq.ft., Metal Siding 24,200 sq.ft.
Architect: KPMB Architects
Year Built: 2014

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