Episode 18 – Case Study – Canada Science and Technology Museum

Today we want to feature a building in Ottawa, Canada that we think you will find interesting. NORR was tasked with completing renovations for the Canada Science and Technology Museum for Canada’s sesquicentennial celebrations.

The project required: envelope upgrades, new mechanical and electrical systems, new entrance facilities and overall aesthetic enhancements to the museum. The 80,000 sq. ft. exhibition space and over 2,900 artifacts needed an impressive exterior to represent the world-class experience contained within. As you approach the building, the use of Ceramitex® provides a beautiful white facade that amalgamates with the intricate angles of the building elevations and roof.

Something that is quite exciting and impressive is that it doubles as a 250-foot long projection screen with an integrated lighting system. The National Film Board of Canada created an astonishing video, and using 4 large projectors, it is cast across the length of the building. You can see that at times it lines up the various visual elements with the vertical lights integrated into the wall and the lights are timed for movement with the video. Here you can see that example with the wind turbine towers. The images relate to some of the exhibits inside including: locomotives, artifacts, mining, space, medicine, microscopes, telescopes and more. Not only is it an educational tool using images and animations to tell the story of science and technology through the ages – it is truly an amazing sight! This well-known Ottawa institution has certainly achieved the appearance of a national museum and is worth seeing inside and out!