Episode 15 – Recladding

Recladding Building Exteriors with Elemex

Your building’s facade is the first line of defense against the elements, and when that facade begins to deteriorate your building is at risk.

If your building’s facade is experiencing deterioration or you’re simply looking to freshen up its exterior envelope, it may be time to consider recladding. Recladding is replacing all or part of the facade or cladding system that currently covers the exterior of your building.

There is only a certain amount of patching that can be done to extend the lifespan of a crumbling or outdated exterior. If you are finding air or water infiltration, the leaks may present as staining, drafts or even extreme damage. You can use the opportunity to reclad to create an efficient barrier that requires less maintenance and is designed with an updated look.

If you’re examining recladding as an option for your building, there are a couple of Elemex code-compliant architectural facade systems that could be perfect for your project. Here are examples of recladding that has been completed with our Ceramitex – Sintered Ceramic Facade System and Alumitex – Aluminum Facade System.



The Strathroy Hospital in Strathroy, Ont., before and after being reclad with Ceramitex and Alumintex.


Ceramitex is large-format, lightweight cladding made from sintered ceramic that is extremely durable – it’s impact, scratch and weather resistant – while offering a variety of colors and finishes for limitless design flexibility.



These before and after images show a completed recladding of the exterior facade using Alumitex ACM at 800 King Street in Kitchener, Ont.


Alumitex is available in aluminum plate as well as aluminum composite material (ACM) and, like Ceramitex, offers maximum design flexibility and durability. It’s a solid choice for any recladding project that requires aluminum plate, ACM or mixed-material facades.



In addition to providing the opportunity to repair and modernize your building’s facade, recladding also means you can plan for environmental and efficiency considerations. The Solstex solar facade is a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system that harnesses the sun’s power, can stand up to the harshest climates and can be seamlessly integrated with the entire family of Elemex facade systems using Unity attachment technology. Solstex reduces a building’s carbon footprint, earns up to five LEED credits and covers the cost of installation in 10-12 years.  

We understand that recladding your building is a project that requires many steps and can be challenging. That’s why Elemex offers unparalleled service and support with the 360° Advantage. Our project management team is your resource to help optimize, coordinate and facilitate your project.

Contact Elemex today and let us assist you in choosing the best products for your reclad project.


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