Stonitex Receives “Best Architectural Products of 2019” Award



Stonitex – Natural Stone Facade System has earned a Best Building Envelope Products of 2019 award with Architectural Record.

Product Description + Basic Use

A pressure-equalized Rear Ventilated Rainscreen system for exterior or interior wall panel used in new construction or renovation, commercial and other applications. Some typical uses include: exterior wall panels, fascia panels, ceiling panels, spandrel panels, beam and column covers, wall trim, accent panels and signage. Non-load bearing use only.

Composition + Material

Stonitex Natural Stone Panels consist of a granite slab manufactured with carbon fiber reinforced mesh backing that is adhered to our proprietary Unity® attachment technology.

Sizing + Details

Panels are available in 4’ x 8’ (1219mm x 2438mm). Standard panel thickness is 3/8” (10mm). Custom sizes and thicknesses available.

Architectural Record Winner 2019

You can see the article in the online version at:

Architectural Record article - Stonitex Best Product